Wireless Online Locking System

The most advanced wireless online locker lock with metal housing operated by RFID card, PIN, and Mobile (BLE) after simple registration.

Wireless Online Locking System

The world’s first wireless online locker lock which enables you to monitor and control it in real-time from the center.

Wireless Online Locking System

Simple and efficient standalone offline locker lock with metal housing based on mobile access technology for lock operation and setting.

Wireless Online Locking System

User friendly standalone offline locker lock which provides you the most suitable operation mode in accordance with your preference.

Smart Office Solution

Suitable locking solution for flexible corporate workspace environment.

Mobile Access Solution

Smart generation of locking solution with innovative BLE mobile access technology. Enhanced security algorithm enables you to access to locks safer.

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E-smart Classic

E-smart Classic M

E-smart Ultra

E-smart Ultra M


E-smart Mobile ID / Sync

Synchronize your smartphone with RFID cards

  • Smartphone access technology via BLE
  • Free mode (CSN), Assigned mode (RFID card Sync)
  • Self registration on app
  • Audit trail
  • Easy and unique user experience


לוקרים למשרד

Work spaces

לוקרים לבתי ספר


לוקרים לחדרי כושר


לוקרים לבית מלון


לוקרים לבתי חולים

Health Care

לוקרים למוסדות ציבוריים

Recreation and leisure


Governance and Security

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Sports clubs

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