Increasing demands of efficient and effective workspace for saving management costs, many organizations are optimizing their workspace usability without assigning fixed workstation for everybody.
With E-smart locker lock system, every person in those offices can safely keep personal belongings in the lockers with existing access cards.
Lockers can be managed, monitored and controlled very easily and even more by wireless online.
This intelligent locker lock system is ideal and suitable for mobile or shared corporate workspace environment.

Simple database management and interface with 3rd party server

Interface with shared office management server
Locker status monitoring in real-time at consolidated control center
Control personal locker access privilege synced with shared office access privilege
Locker user access privilege will be updated whenever user privilege changes at shared office management server

Eliminate initial card personalization process at client’s PC
– No need to collect all existing cards for personalization for locker use
– Avoid chaos & congestion while card personalization processing at client’s PC
– Simple scan existing corporate access card on the locker lock for card personalization
– Card personalization data automatically is sent to the server and user database is updated

Wireless Solution

- Wireless communication between locks and access point
- No hard wiring required
- Low installation & Locker cost by eliminating hard wiring
- Easy To Retrofit


- Control personal locker access privilege synced with shared office access privilege
- Auto updating from locker user access privilege when user privilege changes at shared office management server
- Use existing corporate access card for card personalization

Online Maintenance

- Lock status monitoring in real-time
- Assign a specific user to a specific locker
- Change Lock operation modes
- Download user password and/or user card information to a specific lock
- Change lock password

Real-time Management

- Audit trail by individual locker
- Tampering alarm in case lockers are opened in force
- Remote open/close locker by individual locker or all lockers
- Warning to a user who doesn't use occupied locker for a specific day Smart Office

Various Operation Mode

- Free selection mode
- Assigned mode
- Smart assigned mode
- Multi-Locker
- Multi-User
- Time based operation(Time limit, 3 Shift)

Emergency Solution

- Issue temporary card(Default 1 day use only) Use Master Card to open/close the locker
- Temporary card cannot be used anymore after a set time
- Existing card can be still used at the same locker